研發團隊在產品中摒除了多餘的化 學添加物和防腐劑等複雜成分,將人體皮膚所需要的膠原蛋白和玻尿酸精華以微脂體包覆起來,確保肌膚能快速吸收養分,喚醒沈睡的肌膚︑找回健康的光彩︒


USA,California more than 40 years old.
Register Nurse; Skin problem: sensitive skin, most chemical additives in skincare products are not acceptable.
This type of product had been searched for a long long time! For more than 20 years, I had tried to avoid contacting my skin with unnecessary chemicals.I have used 2 boxes. My skin looks younger now! I share this secret with my patients and friends!
小禎 25歲 油性痘痘肌膚
而我只使用了2周, 本來肌膚高油的地方感覺不那麼油膩了, 痘痘也顯得少了很多, 讓我很開心
Miss Xiao Yan:  oily skin  with acne issue,  25 years old
s a manager of a famous homestay in Taitung, Taiwan, I serve many guests every day. I notice that my acne, not my homestay information, always catches guests’ attention at their check in. Some guests even recommended me lots of anti-acne skincare products, which is so embarrassing!
As a matter of fact, I have been tried many anti-acne products like a guinea pig since my teenage . However, results from numerous trials are  never satisfactory .
  My oily skin condition is not
changed until several friends recommended me theréveillé Intensive that has uniqueoil-water balancebenefit. After 2-weeks of applying réveillé Intensive, I sense the oil balance on my face.  I clearly felt that excessive oil moving from oil-dense spots to less-oil-dense spots  Along with less acne outbreaks, original oil-dense spots are no longer felt oily. I am happier than everabout such results!
Moreover, skin texture is tighter and smoother, and skin tone becomes brighter. Those changes boost my cheerful mood and confidence! Now I serve guests with happy mood and much positive attitude . I won many more hearts from satisfied guests. I’d like to recommend réveillé Intensive to people with oily skin conditions.

Grace 於美國加州製造部總監.40幾歲.博士.油性肌膚 

唯一的睡前護膚品包括遮瑕膏&面霜似乎還不夠。 大約半年前,我的媽媽介紹了我微齡高效安瓶(reveille Intensive)。從那以後我就愛上了這個產品。我肌膚感到保水滑順,不那麼油膩,痘痘也少很多。我覺得我的皮膚更健康。我把這份喜悅分享給同事,他們也覺得微齡高效安瓶(reveille Intensive)是最簡單,對長時間待在無塵室和冷氣室裡的人是最好的護膚解決方案。

Grace ,PHD. In California. More than 40 years old. Oil skin. 
  Director of manufacturing skin problem: dry& oil skin, enjoy outdoor activities, only powder-free skin care product is allowed in working space."Routinely working in a cleanroom from 9 to 5 for 2 years, my skin feels very dry and oily during the working hours.
   My only bedtime skincare including masking and facial cream seems not enough.   My mom introduced reveille Intensive to me about 6 months ago. Since then I fell in love with this product. My skin feels less oily and very few acne outbreaks. I feel my skin is much healthier. Just like me, my coworkers fell that reveille Intensive is the simplest and best skincare solution for people who stay in clean room for long hours." Grace, Ph.D.